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Registration Forms

WAITING LIST FORM – * Must still submit Waiting List fee of $25.00 per child, to formally be placed on waiting list

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“The food program is excellent! They get a balanced meal at all times. Teachers are wonderful and informative, and they care about your child’s developmental needs. Kudos!”
– Naomi Vela, parent.

What is tuition?

$50.00 PER CHILD

$175.00 PER CHILD

We offer competitive/flexible tuition rates. Highlights of what we offer include:


  • Accept several forms of payment. These include money order, check, online payments via our Tuition Express program, as well as options for PayPal payments.
  • We accept Military NACCRA Payments, Child Care Subsidy, as well as DC Child and Family Services Invoicing.
  • Provide several options for enrollment which include: Traditional (7 am – 6pm M-F), Nontraditional (Any hours outside of traditional hours, inclusive of nights and weekends). We also offer Easy Care (Care Your Way) as needed.
  • Options to pay by day, hour, week, etc.
  • Please contact our Enrollment Specialist at (202)529-5437 ext. 108, for additional information regarding rates and services.

Do You Provide Meals?

As a participant of CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program), Happy Faces Early Learning Academy provides meals that meet regulations set forth by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to ensure our children are provided with fun and most importantly, nutritious meal options! We provide children in our programs Breakfast, Lunch, PM Snack, as well as Dinner (dependent upon their hours in our care). Our nutritional staff attends a variety of trainings to remain up to date on all federal and local regulations for child nutrition. We are constantly working to add new items to our menus seasonally, and make our meals as fun as possible. Our nutritional program is top tier for many reasons, these reasons include:


  • Our belief that learning does not stop at meal time, thus we provide our students beginning at age 2 the opportunity to participate in Family Style Dining during meal times. This allows children to gain the sense of independence as well as social and motor skills that will serve them well as they move on to grade school past our program.
  • Interactive items on our menus that include things like “create your own” dishes that children love to both make and eat!
  • Healthy options during all meal times, limiting or eliminating fried foods or foods that do not have much nutritional value for our students.
  • No peanut policy within our center, to protect the safety of our students with this allergy.
  • Flexible options for students with dietary restrictions or allergies. This includes the options for students to be served Soy Milk or Lactose Free Milk. (With supporting documentation)
  • Open communication with all parents regarding their child’s eating habits, to ensure that their child’s dietary needs are met and exceeded.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.